Assignmentq why did i choose dm

Well teaching profession Is something that I have choose for mycareerand I have been dreaming of becoming a well known professor orteacherwho can help out his students to bringing the best within them . People think teaching profession as some kind of Job which we can apply for when we don’t have anything better to do or as an last option , even many of my friends who without undergoing any training they are teaching in high school and college alike.

But according to me teaching profession is one of the most and I admire every teachers nrespecteach of them for their effort to educate the students. Well enough of going round now let me come to the point , Like said before teaching profession is not an last option for me and know myself that without any training I won’t be able to give my best , so to gear up my with the teaching technique’s and to know about the students I told myself that have to undergo this B.

De. Course and for that I apply to this prestigious DMS College Of TeachersEducationsince It Is the only college where not only Ideas ND lecture’s are taught but many non curriculum starting from games and sports , quizzes and many other competition are held to bring about the all round development of the students which is very important to improve ourpersonality. If we inquire in other college this things are very rarely held in this busy scheduled of today’s routine .

And so getting admission here is a one more step nearer to my goal and I praise almighty that it is with his grace that I got admission here and I would do my best in the coming days so that when I leave I could step out of this college with a usage to carry for the society and leave many sweetmemoriesalike during my stay here .