Arts in our lives

September 9, Arts in Our Lives To comply with the requirements of the module, one had the opportunity to go to the Georgia Museum of Art, to view the Pearl Jam concert, and watched the film Man of Steel. The Georgia Museum of Art is located at 90 Carlton Street, Athens, Georgia. It is replete with diverse works of art presented in current exhibitions and collections. As one browsed through the different art works, there is a sense of tranquility and awe felt from viewing how artists expressed their talents and skills through varied art genres. One could not help but marvel at the different collections such as the Ceseri Collection, the Works on Paper which dates back from the 16th century, and the art works of self-taught artists. One observed that women had been portrayed in different art works both as the subject or the model, and as the artist. Either way, the talents and skills manifested by women artists could be deemed at par with their male counterparts. The works are very inspirational and one strongly believes that even viewers who do not have some inclination in the arts could not help but appreciate these art works in colorful and vivid designs. The experience was therefore very educational and informative.
The Pearl Jam concert was viewed online and was noted to have been held on the 31st of March, this year, at the Lollapalooza Festival at Sao Paolo in Brazil (Concerts Videos). One had actually attended other concerts and believe that the atmosphere of being amongst the crowd is significantly different, as compared to viewing the concert online. However, one could view that there was much power and intent enthusiasm in the crowd as manifested by the highly responsive audience. Since Pearl Jam is an alternative rock band, the songs were full of energy, dancing, singing with the lead singer, and vividly showing genuine enthusiasm for the band. From the audience, one could see that male and female are both fans of the band and therefore exemplifies that music knows no bounds on terms of gender, racial or ethnic orientation, or demographic factors.
Finally, the film Man of Steel is another Superman movie of contemporary times. Since one had been a fan of Superman ever since the character appeared in comic books and had been shown in previous films, the new film was no exception to the heightened anticipation and elation that was felt for the super hero. Although one thought that the film could not possibly detract from the previous plot, the new actor who assumed the role of Superman, Henry Cavill, was very effective in enticing audience appeal. Likewise, the film’s ability to incorporate other big names in the industry, including Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, and Amy Adams, to name a few. One therefore felt a sense of fulfillment for having been captivated by the real essence and message being relayed in the story: that despite Superman’s extraordinary powers, his ability to inculcate a sense of morality, in fact, made him excel above his nemesis of equal strength. The film was therefore both entertaining and a reflective piece of an art event.
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