Artificial intelligence in media

Artificial intelligence has been portrayed in the entertainment industry in many different ways. Whether through movies like ” Star trek” and ” Star Wars” where humans are dependent on robots or in more abstract scenarios where artificial Intelligence becomes self-aware and rejects human control causing rebellion. These scenarios are pleasing in the idea of having simple tasks taken care of but are frightening in the sense that the same thing that can create such bliss can rebel and destroy society.

I believe some representations of A. L. Loud be possible In the future If not carefully controlled. The portrayal of artificial Intelligence In the entertainment Industry has been a steady subject of science fiction novels and movies. There have been many different scenarios In which artificial Intelligence Is a mall subject of discourse. The most common portrayal of A. L. Is through a rebellion In which they become aware and reject human control often resulting In war or the destruction of humanity.

There are many different themes to this whether It Is a ” supercomputer”, a imputer network or otherwise. The most popular scenario Is one which the A. L. Revolt and are overcome using ” human” qualities such as emotion and unpredictability. One such scenario is the ‘TerminateВ« series where an artificially intelligent machine network has taken over the world and is in a constant war with the remains of humanity and is constantly conquered through human emotion and resilience.

The other very popular portrayal is that of a society within witch robots or artificial intelligence is used as servants and are peaceful creating a type of utopia in which humans strive such as the ” droid’s” of ” Star Wars”. The idea of a world where simple tasks are taken care of is an overwhelming thought. This thought is extremely pleasing in the sense of lack of responsibility and the capabilities of passive and controlled artificial intelligence is endless. The possibility of those same machines revolting against society is a freighting thought.

What if we were dependent on these machine for almost all essential functions? What if our communications, trade, remonstrations were all dependent on an artificial intelligence that revolted against society? It would create destruction and mayhem. We would be almost powerless to fight and protect humanity against a seemingly all powerful being that we ourselves created. This scenario has been played out many movies and novels such as ” l Robot” where society relies on a supercomputer nicknamed ” Vicky who determines that the only way to protect society is to destroy it.

This could be a possibility when computers are advancing at rapid speed in problem solving capabilities and according to DRP. Ray Skuzzier ” There will be 32 times more technical progress during the next half century than there was in the entire 20th century, and one of the outcomes Is that artificial Intelligence could be on a par with human Intellect In the next 20 years”. With artificial Intelligence advancing at such a rapid rate we must consider the dangers of relying upon something that Is capable of reason and can act on such a decision.

The advancement of computer technology Is constant and the creation of more effective artificial Intelligence has already begun as ” Three-dimensional, molecular computing will provide the hardware for human-level ‘strong artificial Intelligence’ by the asses” As well as attempting to model computer function after that of the human brain ” By capabilities, we may ultimately introduce a new paradigm in speed and power, and potentially enable systems that include the ability to learn, adapt and respond to their environment,” I believe that some representations of A. L. Loud be an all too real possibility if not carefully monitored and controlled. A machine that is capable of finding and using information in the matter or milliseconds and has almost endless capacity to continue to grow and become more advanced is a dangerous and possibly destructive prospect. We must be very careful in the future of how subservient we are to computers and how important they are to society function. If at some point machines surpass humans in intellectual capacity and humanity is dependent on them to function how we to be considered in control?

That is a very real possibility tit society using a computer network to control stocks, trading, communications and even cultivation of food. The portrayal of A. I. In the entertainment industry was once a complete fantasy but as humanity has advanced technologically it has slowly become a more realistic problem. It is a very controversial prospect with almost endless possibilities. Will artificial intelligence eventually surpass humans as the dominant beings in the world? Is this even a real possibility? These are all questions that are starting to press upon society.