Argumentative essay on same-sex marriage

First of all, people who are for same-sex marriage claim that this type of relation provides people with mutual love and the opportunity to be with the ones they love. Having joint household with the one with whom it is nice to be around and with whom people want to solve common problems, to realize common ideas is really great (Woodford et al. 302).
Moreover, it is stated that in such marriages there is a great deal of mutual understanding. There are no completely opposite kinds of logic in the family. In this case, the husband and wife, if there is such a division, have the same logic. Actions are clear and understandable. In general, sincerity and openness of relations makes life much easier.
Another argument is fair distribution of duties around the house.. Discrimination is not possible. No one should do something just because he or she is of the opposite sex. There are no responsibilities by this particular feature, which very often affects members of traditional families. Only mutual agreement about who cooks, who earns, who and when throws the garbage away, and no hard feelings.
As for the arguments against same-sex marriages, the main argument is social aversion. This is the first and main disadvantage of such a relationship, which is the most categorical, and often hostile. Our society is not completely ready to tolerate this choice of a person. Worst of all is the situation when the closest people become opponents. Then a person has to make a choice – parents or loved one, which is a drama. Unpleasant feeling of condemnation and misunderstanding is likely to be accompanying a couple for the whole life, no matter how well people live together!
Apart from social aversion, there is a natural consequence in the form of limited social relations of spouses (Cherlin 64). Very often members of the same-sex families try not to show their relationship in public to save their nerve and senses from disloyal friends, relatives and colleagues. Life is divided in two – some part of environment knows everything, and some – not.
Another important argument against such marriage is inability to have children together. Nature is such that for the birth of a child a heterosexual couple is needed. Otherwise, it is impossible to have a common child. In case of the same-sex marriage between two women, each could still give birth to a child, for men this question is more complicated.
Even if same-sex couples have children (via any options – adoption, the birth by a woman, etc.) psychologists say that these children will have big problems with sex-role socialization. Simply put, children who learn by example of adults, especially parents, will have difficulties with proper understanding of themselves and building relationships with other people, most of whom are heterosexual (Cherlin 64).
Besides, there are usually some legal issues involved. Even in countries that legalized same-sex marriage or relationship these problems is inevitable. It is understandable, because the legal rules of property ownership, inheritance, and support in a traditional heterosexual family have been forming for over a century and the official history of same-sex relationships – just for a few years.
All in all, despite breaking stereotypes, soul-searching and other achievements of civilization, marriage (i. e. family) makes people happier. In any legitimate relations spouses feel the stability of life from the constant presence of a loved one and a higher social status. It is the family that gives a person love, support, friendship and fellowship. After reviewing the arguments of both sides, it is possible to say that despite all the talk about the collapse of family values, this form of relationship will not disappear any time soon. It does not matter of what sex the partners are, as the main thing is love.

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