Architecture and function

Art and Intention Michalle Cochrane ART 101 August 3, 2012 UOPX Art and Intention Michelangelo experienced a lot of resistance in the sculpture of David; his meaning evaded the public understanding. Duchamp’s Nude Descending work of act became just one of the controverted works due to the people thinking that he mocked the audience because they did not see any women in his painting. The public was offended by Michelango’s David art work because of the nudity. The public wanted to get rid of the art work by destroying it they even put a skirt around it to cover the nudity. The viewers in Michelango’s art work didn’t understand the work just because they did not see or find in women in the painting. There was not an actual woman in the painting. The work was a collection of flat forms, jagged and overlaps in shallow space. Viewers thought that Michelango’s art work was disrespectful and they did not appreciate it, they thought the man was objectionable because of the nudity. Duchamp wanted to combine at least two different styles and two modern at movement of the time doing this he decided to put many women walking down stairs and overlap the photo. I think it does. After I first looked at the work at first and I didn’t understand it but after looking at it for a while. I see how there was a person in it overlapped over and over. I could understand how and why the viewer’s found that the work was difficult to understand.