Appeal letter to ubco admission essay

I am writing an appeal letter to request that I be permitted to return to UBCO in the fall semester of 2013. This past year I have had a number of personal and emotional difficulties, including the death of my mother, financial problems, a car accident and depression which caused my grades to suffer and left me unable to complete certain courses. I have always been a good student, however, and never failed any classes before I was overwhelmed by all of these problems that hit me at the same time. In fact, I studied construction management for two years at Diablo Valley College in California, getting good grades and transferring over 60 credits to UBCO. I am currently in the Bachelor of Arts program but wish to switch to engineering for financial reasons. I am getting help for my physical and emotional problems and would like a chance to resume my studies this year.
During the academic year in 2011-12, I had good grades and was on the dean’s list, but as the term was ending my mother was diagnosed with leukemia. I spoke with the dean about my mother’s situation last year when I had to drop a class late in the fall term, and at that time I was unable to take the final exam in physics because I had to travel overseas to see my mother before she passed away. At that time, I was aboard for over a month and then had to return to Canada because of financial difficulties. In the winter term of 2013, I took classes in matrix math, physics and organic chemistry, and even though I thought I could catch up, the course load turned out to be too heavy and I fell far behind.
I was very depressed at this time because of my mother’s death, and then I became ill myself and had to have surgery because of a major infection. This was in late February and it started from a dental infection, which went untreated for too long because I was unable to see a dentist when it started. Then in March I was hit by a car and am still suffering from a head injury and severe neck pain, which require physical therapy. My depression has continued since that time and I have had to seek counseling for my physical and psychological problems. I tried to resume my studies but was simply to weak and ill to catch up in all my classes.
In short, I went through an extremely difficult time this past year and had a run of bad luck, but my record shows that I was a very good student before all of this happened. I never failed any classes prior to this time, and I wish to assure you that finishing school and getting an engineering degree are still my main priorities, at least after addressing all these personal and family concerns. I am attaching a number of documents to this appeal letter that will prove that I have been in the hospital and had surgery, and that I am taking medications for pain and depression.
I only ask that you please try to understand my situation and give me an opportunity to return to UBCO in the fall.
Thank you for your attention.