Anonymity research paper sample

Anonymity could be connected with humility of a person or even malicious application of it. Here in this paper we will see both the aspects of a person being ‘ Anonymous’ from the society.

Anonymity, a word derived from Greek word anonymous which simply means ‘ without a name’ or ‘ nameless’. It is the situation where personal identity of a person is unknown. There is no single reason for person to go anonymous, as it is more of a personal decision. It is up to a person to not be known for his work or performance. Anonymous persons are there in almost all the walks of life but mostly found in social causes. But anonymity has its disadvantages also as criminals mostly hide their identity and perform malicious acts that harm humanity as whole.

Anonymity is the way to stay unidentifiable. Reason of being anonymous could be personal. It is commonly found in field of literature, where you can find many articles, blogs or postings published with ‘ Anonymous’ title. Apart from this anonymity helps in social causes. It is commonly seen that a donator, out of humility, keeps his name hidden and helps the cause. In business world, although this phenomenon is not very common but there could be some examples that witness this where a ‘ anonymous’ donator or investor, invest in the businesses to advance the growth. Although anonymity has few advantages, it also comes with certain disadvantages. In today’s world there are many anti social groups that perform their malicious tasks by keeping their identity hidden. There are many criminal groups, terrorists clusters that create havoc in society by keeping themselves anonymous. And because of this, malicious application of anonymity, beneficial applications of it takes back seat.


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