Analyzing point of view

Analyzing Point of view Theoretically, in short story” The gift of Magi” put in black and white by O. Henry , it seems to be third person omniscient according to what we have learnt in chapter 5. Third person omniscient as we have gained is when the narrator gives the impression of the story externally and then relates to the characters. This is what happening in “ The Gift of Magi” where we do not see what Jim is doing during the story but still he chooses Jim to tell the part of the story.
As for me narrator’s point of view in the whole short story adopts to be consistent as he possess single approach in the whole story but at single point in last paragraph the narrator speaks to the reader unswervingly with some words of insight concerning how both Jim and Della were wise among other gift exchangers because they behaved highly selflessly to each other.
The point of view helps in shaping my reading as it describes the life style, the position of the characters and moods. Also the author describes the setting of winter in New York by portraying everything dull and drably and yet he talks about Christmas in his tale. He does not even talk about any snow on ground and it seems that O. Henry sometimes deviates you from story when the details are discussed. As in one instance he described the door bell so profoundly at the access way to Jim and Della’s flat.
I captured the theme of story as all about love and being altruistic during tough times in life. But in end they both exchanged the best and most valuable Christmas gifts of all times.
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