Analyzing persuasive appeals in advertisements

Analyzing Persuasive Appeal in Advertisements The print advertisement that I chose to analyze for this assignment is the Depend Real Fit and Silhouette print ad featuring noted television actress Lisa Rinna as the product endorser. The reason I chose the ad was because I found it eye catching, humorous, and informative all at the same time. It got its important information across without ever becoming cheeky or insulting to those who find themselves in need of the protection offered by adult diapers.
In terms of the Ethos of the print ad, using a celebrity image model like Lisa Rinna made the advertisement come across as fully extrinsic in appeal. Lisa Rinna as we all know, works mighty long hours when shooting her television shows and also spends a lot of her time traveling in the fulfillment of her occupational duties. Therefore, she does have a need for the product being endorsed and as such, conveys an authoritative image as she poses in her elegant black dress supposedly wearing the fancy, sexy, yet disposable Depend Silhouette for women. However, it makes you wonder if the ad was not intrinsic as well since she was also tapped to be the image model for the male line of adult diapers in the print ad as well. Im not entirely convinced she would know the needs of men when it came to adult diapers.
The Pathos of the ad is directed first at their female audience since they are using a female image model in the print ad. The male audience becomes secondary but they too are enticed to look into the product because of the person endorsing it. In other words, this was a fantastic way to appeal to the audiences sense of identity, self-interest, and emotions. The audience, both male and female become kindred spirits as they are influenced by one and the same celebrity to try the same product for different sexes.
The logos of the ad is amiably supported by the comparison pictures splashed across the page for the current existing adult male and female diapers when compared to the Depend versions of Real fit for men and Silhouette for women. Those supporting photographs proves the merit of the claim made by Lisa Rinna in the ad thus convincing the audience that listening to and trying out the product she endorses would be a good idea.
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