Analyze a film

Discussion Questions Film Analysis Discussion The ward brothers and community has a number of identities. Theward brothers are depicted in the film as being antisocial. The identity is well seen as they have no outward interaction with the rest of society. Moreover, the brothers are showing as being fearful. For example, in the interview we see Lyman shaking. He also acknowledges of always being nervous (Berlinger and Sinofsky 1). The brothers are also depicted as being illiterate. They have never been to school and hence do not know how to write and read. The only thing they do is to farm. On the other hand, the community is seen as being educated. The education has led to the exclusion of the brothers from the rest of society. Moreover, the community is also shown to be united and caring. The unity is seen in contribution for support of Delbert trial(Berlinger and Sinofsky 1). The community also is seen as caring as one of the neighbors agrees to drive Delbert home to know the sate of his brother (Berlinger and Sinofsky 1).
Discussion 2
The film creates various perceptions on people. As a result, people are described based on that perception. An example of identity scripts is the depiction of brothers as poor. The brothers are shown living in poor housing conditions (Berlinger and Sinofsky 1). The reflected appraisal is seen as people view the brothers as being dirty and hence unable to have girlfriends. On the other hand, the lack of girlfriends make society views the brothers as practicing incest. Social comparison is seen through lives of the community. The brothers are depicted as less fortunate and hence attract ridicule of the community. On the other hand, the other part of community is depicted as being fortunate in life. The definitions affect identities of individuals involved as perception about them is based on their conditions (Berlinger and Sinofsky 1).
Discussion 3
In the film, there is a view that lack of relationship in all the brothers is an indication they are gay. As a result, the semen found on William is believed to be because of sexual interaction with the brother (Berlinger and Sinofsky 1). The brothers are affected by this generalization as they go through the rigorous process of trial. On the other hand, the community is affected by trial, as it is perceived to have neglected the brothers.
Discussion 4
There are variations of the perspectives in the documentary. One of the Views is the local community view that the brothers are wrongly accused (Berlinger and Sinofsky 1). On the other hand, the outsiders see the death as resulting from intimacy. The locals base their argument on the simple life the brothers had by only practicing farming together while the outsider view semen as providing evidence of a relationship gone soar (Berlinger and Sinofsky 1). The differing perspectives are due to different localities of the people. The locals view the brothers as their own and hence will do everything to defend. Other people are influenced by the media focus on the life of the brothers.
Discussion 5
There is a relationship between identity and perception. Most, the behavior and character of an individual influences the perception. For example, if one is unable to afford complete meal, people may perceive such person as poor. In the film, the relationship is evident as lack of spouses makes the brother perceived as having a different sexual orientation by the society.
Discussion 6
In this case, justice was served. The accusation in the film of Delbert was not based on facts (Berlinger and Sinofsky 1). In fact, if he smothered his brother, he might not have been in the right mind based on his frail image as well as the low level of literacy. If I were a juror, I would acquit the accused. The verdict shows that society has a role in depicting the norms of society. However, it is wrong as sometimes society may define unethical norm. This is reflected in society support of one of their own.
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