America in comparison to other countries

If more grammar classes ere added during high school, our country could be on the right path to catching up with theeducationin other countries. Every day, kids are exposed to poor grammar. Many songs, television shows, movies, and magazines use incorrect grammar. Songs often include phrases instead of complete thoughts, and some songs even contain words that don’t exist. If that is all that students see and hear, they won’t be able to make a distinction between the correct and incorrect way to speak.

Text messaging has also caused kids to have poor writing skills. Testing causes kids to write by using fragments, Incorrect spelling, and poor punctuation. Americans don’t take the time to write correctly because they are so worried about getting things done quickly. U. S. Citizens don’t want to be bothered with making sure their punctuation Is correct or their comma Is In the right place. Students need repeated, dally practice to get away from the high-speed lifestyle they are used to, in order to be able to utilize grammar in the right way.

Focusing more on grammar during English classes will reinforce proper grammar, and eliminate the issues that text messaging and newtechnologybring. As a country, understanding grammar can impact our lives. We need grammar to succeed in everyday life. When applying to a college or a Job, grammar is extremely important. College essays are a major part in being accepted in college, and making a good first impression. Once in college, English classes focus a lot on grammar In essays and research papers.

Students would quickly fall behind If they were not familiar with basic grammar skills. Also, going to Job interviews requires you to use proper grammar. To be hired, the employee needs to speak well so that the boss knows the company will be well represented. Future Job applicants could end up being unemployed, simply because they weren’t grammatically educated to speak urine aninterviewor a board meeting. America would be lowering its standards if the education system decided to eliminate grammar from the curriculum.

This basically gives permission for U. S. Citizens to be unmotivated and lazy. Colleges would have to lower their admittance standards, since SAT scores, ACT scores, and college essay scores would all be lower. This would put us even further behind other countries and their educational progress. The United States would regress from an already low educational level. We would fall so far behind other countries, and never be able to catch up. If grammar continues to be pushed to the side over the years, it will eventually be eliminated.

Grammar may not seem Important, but It can change our lives. Speaking properly helps us In college, Jobs, and even social events. Focusing more on grammar In English curriculums Is a small change could make a difference for our country. It may not put us at the highest ranking for education, but s certainly a start we need to prove to toner countries Tanat we are not quilters, and we certainly will not lower our standards. If anything, we should try to higher our standards so that we will not be so inferior to other countries.