Amazon essay example

Amazon remains an epic as the e-Commerce Goliath produced total revenue of 25. 59 billion US dollars up to the 2nd quarter of 2014 . As the years gone by, Amazon continuously steps up with the rivalry against Apple, alongside HBO with its equally popular Netflix service and in opposition to cloud computing suppliers such as Rackspace .

Amazon ‘ The Leader’

So what makes Amazon, the leader of the e-Commerce and Retailers? Amazon has continuously gained its competitive advantage in the world of e-Commerce because of its exceptional values. Primarily, Amazon is way too obsessed with its clienteles. Their approach is to focus first on the needs and requirements of the customers and work backwards. Gaining the trust of their clienteles is of utmost importance to the company. Although they keep their eyes open on the market competition, they never lose sight of what they can offer to their customers. Amazon also keeps its popularity through continuous research and simplification. The company is never complacent and always persist ways on how they can improve their services and make transactions easier for their clients. Their eyes are always open, looking for new concepts and ideas to implement to its services. Because of this, Amazon lives by their strong business decision and good instincts. The company only hires employees with vision and efficiency to execute and reach their goals. Their eyes are keen on brilliant talents and move everyone in the organization ambitiously. Within the company, it is essential that leaders hone future leaders and maintain coaching others.
Furthermore, Amazon maintains high standards and quality in every process within their organization as well as their products and services produced. Defects are not welcome, and as much as possible, they fix the problem as soon as they encounter them. Amazon, being a leader in e-Commerce, thinks big. All time, they communicate and create bold ideas and directions. They step out of their comfort zone to have a better perspective and visualize their future. By doing this, they see all angles, especially the one that involves their customers. In every decision, the company considers advantages and disadvantages. On top of this, it values calculated risk. Meanwhile, even if the company is progressing well and earning a lot of profits, Amazon do not spend money that does not benefit its customers. Being frugal is what the company intends that its employees imbibe, as this raise invention, self-reliance and resourcefulness. Amazon values its employees very much. Leaders within the company are communicating openly especially if there are issues that need further attention. They look into every situation even if it means embarrassment and awkwardness. In this way, everyone in the organization establishes trust and sincerity among each other to evaluate their strongest beliefs with humility. One of the strongest advantages of Amazon is looking into the details deeply, stay connected and frequently inspect for any potential issues. Among the leaders of Amazon, compromise has no place inside the organization. Each one of them respectfully challenge decision whenever there are dispute, even if it means being uncomfortable and exhausting. More importantly, Amazon focuses on delivering results with the best of quality and on a timely fashion. From time to time, the company may have encounter few setbacks, but it has proven that they still rise after this occasion and remains competent and never settle for less.

Amazon Technologies

As cloud computing becomes ubiquitous, Amazon remain true to its value that it will continuously research and serve the needs of its client. Amazon Web Service is its proof and offers global storage, analytics, application, database and deployment services. This service will allow organization to move more rapidly while maintaining low IT cost and preserve scalable applications . This service is also advantageous for people who merely intend to test some ideas as it will only cost them 2 cents per hour.
Another technology that puts the company on the spotlight is its on-going testing of Amazon drones to perform its delivery. The United States Federal Aviation Administration is yet to approve this initiative. Nevertheless, Amazon projects that with the implementation of this new technology, it can execute deliveries in about half an hour and can carry an object that weighs five pounds. This new invention is going to be beneficial for the company as 86% of its products weigh mostly five pounds .
Furthermore, Amazon developed 1-Click that allows its clienteles to perform online purchases with one single click, provided that the payment information required is already available previously. From the perspective of every client, this is an efficient way of performing transactions with Amazon as one can already associate its credit, debit and, of course, Amazon Store Card in just one click. No need to reenter everything repeatedly and proceed with its transaction swiftly.
As a consumer, I believe that Amazon discovered the right ingredients to succeed and sustain this success up to this day. Just like any other companies who accomplish so many things, it also went through different setbacks but it never stops them from achieving more. The company establishes solid values that are not only become innate to its leaders, but have been adopted by its employees itself. Giving huge importance to its customers and closely putting their eyes on their client’s need is one of the big secrets that give them the profit that they currently receive.