“All You Ever Wanted to Know About Back Pain” by O’Keeffe

The article addresses some common perceptions about low back pain and gives a few recommendations. Back pain is a common issue, which often does not require special treatment. Many people prefer to get a scan immediately and seek the advice of a professional, but O’Keeffe argues that it is hardly the best course of action. While the MRI report will likely show some problems with the disks or joints, the evidence connecting those to the back pain is unreliable. Nevertheless, doctors would often recommend some kind of treatment, which can cost a lot of time and money and increase patients’ anxiety. The “miracle cures” promoted by the media are not worth considering either. O’Keeffe claims that returning to work, staying active, and exercising is the best solution. Moreover, one should take care of their overall health, as back pain can emerge as a result of other problems.


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