Aircraft electrical, fuel and other system

The paper ” Aircraft Electrical, Fuel and Other System ” is a perfect example of an assignment on physics. Several researchers have attempted to put on the internet world concepts topics on aircraft electrical and other systems. Concepts on Aircraft fuel have increased in research undertaken on them, as people seek to fill a knowledge gap. The lighter the plane, the less fuel it requires for overcoming the burden of weight (Sandy, 2013). GE Aviation is the most interesting of all the blogs. It is because their concepts are well articulated with examples, and keep on updating the site. They have integrated Tweeter where peoples can access others comments. They create the urge to learn more by posting concepts about future systems and how they will impact the aviation world. The site analysis is in-depth and tends to fill a knowledge gap. It offers an option for reviews that will give the writers an opportunity to interact with their readers and correct misconceptions. A wiki that shares the same characteristics is Wikiversity. They provide accurate images of plane parts while explaining their functionality. It boosts learning for the site visitors. Additionally, it is well structured and easy to navigate. The existence of such Blogs and Wiki is a good thing to the internet world so that those with an interest in the subject can share information. It is a learning tool where people can have an opportunity to correct misconceptions or announce advancements.