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Air conditioning is the process where heat is removed from a confined place, therefore cooling the air and removing humidity.

This process can be used in both commercial and domestic environments. Mostly it is used to keep interiors comfortable, apart from keeping humans and animals comfortable it is also used to cool rooms with heat producing electronics. Air conditioners have a fan whose work is to distribute the conditioned air to an occupied space so as to improve indoor air quality and thermal comfort. In general the form that modifies the condition of air is referred to as air conditioning. Since most people want to stay in a cool and comfortable environment it doesn’t mean they have to pay more money to achieve their needs. So here are some of ways which one can reduce the air conditioning bills. Using A Ceiling Fan Or Other Circulating FansThis fans doesn’t cool room they just make you feel comfortable.

This is because they use wind chill effect which makes you feel 6 or 7 degrees cooler. If you want to lower your electricity bills you should turn off your fans when no one is using them. If you use a ceiling fan it can helps you disperse cooled air more efficiently and it can help you lower or raise the thermostat to a point you will have little or no discomfort. When you are putting a ceiling fan you should make sure it is running the right direction.

Because the main objective here is to make sure your fan is blowing air downwards. If your fan is not blowing air downwards u can use the switch on the fan to change its spinning direction. If your fan is functional you can raise your thermostat then turn on your fan. Note for every degree you raise your thermostat you can save 10% on your cooling costs. Maintaining Cooling SystemsUsing of energy efficient air conditioners and programmable thermostats is not enough to reduce your cooling cost if you don’t take proper care of your equipments. You should always clean your filters, this because dirty filters block airflow and makes it harder for your air conditioner to cool your home.

And when your air condition strains energy consumption rises. So cleaning or replacing your filters will reduce you ACs energy consumption. When using a central cooling system, make sure they aren’t blocked with furniture or dust. If you are using a condensing coil or unit evaporator make sure you clear dirt and the clip foliage to make sure it stays 2feet from the condenser. Run Your Air Conditioner More EconomicallyYou should use a programmable thermostat to increase temperature when you are asleep or out, and it could reduce your bills to 10%. The smaller the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures the less you will spend.

Close Curtains, Shades and BlindsHighly reflective blinds can reduce heat gain when completely lowered on a sunny window. You can block outside heat from radiating inside by hanging shades close to the window panes.