Aids awareness

AIDS is a silent killer. The main reason for AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) is HIV (Human Immuno Defiency virus). This virus when it enters our body, immediately turns into RNA, and then spreads quickly. After that it starts to destroy the white blood corpuscles. Because of this our resistance towards diseases gets decreased. Now the human body cannot withstand even an ordinary cold. In the year 1996 according to the survey, about 5000 persons per day were affected by AIDS in the whole world. The final stage of HIV is known as AIDS.

In 1996, it was discovered that the virus can be controlled to a certain extent. The survey in 2002, says that about 3. 97 million of people are suffering from this disease in India. Origin of AIDS At first, this virus was found in green monkeys of Africa. At that time it was known as ‘Siman Immuno Deficiency Syndrome’. Africans ate the monkeys flesh as theirfood. In 1981, it was found that, the virus has spread among the Africans. In the year 1987, it was discovered as AIDS. Mode of Transmission of HIV Virus

Following are the ways in which HIV virus can be transmitted

  • Unprotected hetero or homosexual contact
  • Injection which is used without sterlising after using for HIV/SIDS affected person.
  • Blood of HIV affected person used for another person
  • From the pregnant lay who is affected of AIDS to the child or when she breast feeds child.

Ways in which HIV/AIDS cannot be spread AIDS cannot spread by shaking hands, eating together, using the dress of the affected person, through mosquito, air, water.


  • Loss of 10% or more of body weight
  • Fever of unknown origin
  • Preumonia, brain tumours, haemorrhage, unremitting diarrhea, swelling of lymph glands.

Role of youth in HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention

Today’s youth is going to build tomorrow’s future. They build the nation and they together build the world. Each one has his/her ownresponsibilityin building a healthy world. Because of the scientific invention many diseases are eradicated many can be cured but still there are certain exceptions like HIV/AIDS virus which threatens the whole world. At first, youth must realize the present problem created by HIV virus and their self control is going to be the main solution to the problem. The main reason to say that the solution of this problem is in the hands of youth is that they have more understanding power and they have more ability. So they can understand the seriousness of AIDS and they can take effective steps to being about the awareness and prevent the deadly disease. Following are some of the steps which may help in eradicating HIV/AIDS virus:

  • Self control

Teenagers should understand their problems clearly. They should have a clear idea about the change in harmones during this stage. They should have self control and they should be motivated to concentrate on good aspects of life. They should have awareness about the preventive measures of HIV/AIDS virus

  • Drama

Students of the college must be encouraged by their teachers and they should be taken to the rural areas, schools other educational institutions, offices etc. to conduct street plays bring about the awareness among the people and he people should be taught clearly the preventive methods, symptoms, methods of testing the HIV virus and also the facilities provided by the government to the HIV affected. People must be given awareness in their vernacular language and they must be motivated to extend their support to the HIV virus affected person.

  • Conducting completion and exhibition

Youth should take the responsibility in conducting various types of competition and exhibitions in various schools, colleges regarding the awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS.

  • Extending their support to the HIV affected person

Youth have to discharge their responsibility of meeting the HIV affected people and giving them self-confidence and also encourage them to engage in some activities in which they are interested.

  • Creating awareness in thefamily

Teenagers create awareness about HIV in their family, because when the family realizes the importance of eradication of HIV virus, then the society will realize and then the nation will realize and finally all together the world will realize the importance of eradicating this virus.

People of the whole world will be aware and take preventive measures. Conclusion HIV affected people can live to the maximum of 10 to 15 years. This period can be extended if they live happily. Only way to make them happy is to touch and talk to them. Youth are the main solution for creating awareness and preventing HIV/AIDS virus. Colleges and the institutions should make them understand their responsibility and start taking steps they can obliterate the words ” AIDS/HIV virus” from the whole world.