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The proposed research aims at ascertaining an assumption of a relationship between drug abuse and domestic violence and the extent to which consumption of the substances contribute to the violence. The research title will be ‘ Ascertaining existence of a relationship between drug abuse and domestic violence’.
‘ Factors affecting the relationship between cognitive development among children and their social environment’ is another research topic, in sociology, that I can explore through qualitative research. I can research the topic with children’s social environments as the independent variable and their level of cognitive development as the dependent variable. The research title will be ‘ Social and economic factors affecting children’s cognitive development’.
Annotated bibliography
Hartas, D. (2010). Families’ Social Background Matters: Socioeconomic Factors, Home Learning, and Young Children’s Language, Literacy, and Social Outcomes. The University of Warwick. retrieved from: http://wrap. warwick. ac. uk/3406/1/WRAP_Hartas_BERJ_paper_2010_%282%29. pdf.
The article aimed at investigating the relationship between children’s learning in their domestic environments and social and economic condition of the children’s parents to determine the effects of the conditions on the children’s learning potential, social, and emotional stability. With data from a sample, the article’s findings establish that parents participate in their children’s learning processes at home and the parents’ social and economic potentials influence their children’s development. The factors however have more significant effects on the children’s literacy development than on their social and emotional potentials.
Ilgen, M., and Kleinberg, F. (2011). The Link Between Substance Abuse, Violence, and Suicide: Implications and Interventions. Psychiatric Times (28. 1).
The article sought to establish the relationship between drug abuse, involvement in violence, and suicide. It identifies suicide and violence as significant problems and explains, statistically, the existence of a link between the three factors. It applies existing data to explain relationships between drug abuse and suicide, drug abuse, and violence as well as the relationship between violence and suicide among those who use drugs.
Letourneau, N. et. al. (2011). Socioeconomic Status and Child Development: A Meta-Analysis. Journal of Emotional and Behavioral disorders.
The research applied a Meta-analysis method to determine the relationship between parents’ social and economic factors and behavioral and cognitive potentials among their children and teenagers. The results identify significant relationships between the parents’ social and economic factors on the dependants’ developed ability to read and write, and aggression, and emotional status. It also recommends the development of policies on the factors for empowering children irrespective of their social and economic backgrounds.
Mignone, T., Klostermann, K., and Chen, R. (2009). The Relationship Between Relapse to Alcohol and Relapse to Violence. Journal of Family Violence (2009. 24) 497-505.
The authors sought to explore the relationship between alcohol consumption and violence between people in intimate relationships. It focused on the relationship between men’s relapse from rehabilitation and their relapse to violence against their partners. Results from the research associates relapse to alcohol with violent behavior. The researchers identify men who resume the drug abuse with almost four times as high probability of resuming violence against their partners as men who did not relapse to depending on the drug.
The involved challenge in identifying the articles was the need to review all the available articles to identify the significance of their relevance to the selected research topics.
Conducting preliminary investigations into research is one of my field experiences in qualitative research activities. The investigations involve a review of research participants and their demographic features and analysis of the scope of research to estimate required resources and to determine strategies for implementing research methods. Such investigations are also important to the identification of potential challenges to a research process and facilitate the development of preventive or corrective measures for anticipated obstacles.