Affirmative action case assignment

Affirmative action to promote equal opportunity in the US is justifies d. Will support this resolution with three main points: 1. Affirmative action only rectifies discrimination in society. 2. Affirmative action has been working. 3. Greater ethnic representation promoted by affirmative action is good for socio TTY. Starting from my first point : Affirmative action rectifies discrimination in access to educational opportunities and job experiences.

Measures of merit are biased toward cur entry empowered groups. For example, schools that are predominantly black Often Offer fewer AP classes. According to a New York Times article, Californians best high schools offer ma NY APS and honors classes which boost a student’s GAP with point multipliers. This raises the average applicant GAP at UCLA, for example, to 4. 2. Many of the largely black high such lolls around Los Angels, however, severely lack AP courses, making the highest possible GAP a 4. 0.

Meanwhile, families in higher tier jobs can often provide their children with be utter internship and research opportunities via connections beјen colleagues that under presented races do not have. These research and internship opportunities create a distinct ad antigen for college applicants. Moreover, people in positions of power are more likely to hire from certain backgrounds regardless of popular principles, perpetuating this disparity. The white unemployment rate is 4. 9 while the black or African American unemployment rate is 10. (Asian rate is 4. 0) in January 201 5 according to a survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Similarly, Infeasible. Com reports that as of 201 3, black men earn only 75. 1 % of a white man’s wage. Affirmative action allows the best to rise by addressing this exclusion and bal inning the advantage. Moving on to my second point Affirmative action has been making progress since its creation in 1960. The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights reports that since the I sass, students of color have increased their total college enrollment by 57. Percent, and the proportion of women earning bachelor’s degrees has been steadily increasing Moreover, negative effects have been observed when affirmative action programs were abolished. Statistics show that after California abolished its affirmative action programs n 1998, the minority student admissions at US Berkeley fell 61 percent, and minority Adam sessions at UCLA fell 36 percent. After Texas abolished its affirmative action program in 1996, R ice University’s freshman class had 46 percent fewer Fragmentariness and 22 percent fewer Hispanic students.

Continuing onto my final point : Affirmative action promotes ethnic diversity and more ethnic representation in in jobs and learning opportunities. This ethnic diversity is be unofficial for society. Greater interaction and communication between ethnic groups reduce sees the possibility for misunderstanding and reduces conflict. It also increases understanding be teen these groups and therefore discourages further discrimination and can serve as a SSL w acting, long term solution to widespread attitudes of racism.

Affirmative action promotes diversity in universities and creates a diverse learning environment. A study from the University of Michigan found that diverse groups are better at solving problems. Monoculture ere groups that have come from the exact same background with the same training think alike e, making the group act as essentially one person. Conversely, groups with members of dive rise backgrounds can think from a multitude of different perspectives leading to more innovative problem solving.