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The artwork depicts the African-Americans as part of the western civilization. The artwork was imperative during the Harlem Renaissance period as it helped mold and represent the cultures of Africa-Americans and Africans. The artwork portrays African-Americans in a positive way. It denotes a fundamental shift for this group of people as they gained the right and authority to address their problems and experiences. The populace also got a chance to represent themselves in forums dominated by other people. Additionally, the African-American shift to modernism aided in bringing out most of their activities and works into the contemporary artworks (Bernier, 135-186).
“ Blackified” shows the cultures of African-Americans and the consequences that arise when they decide to abandon their cultures and incorporate those of the new world. Their cultures are riddled with the slave trade and a lot of tragedies and mischiefs. Indeed, the form of slavery subjected on the African-Americans manifests well through the “ Blackified” terminology (Bernier, 215-213).
The video exclusively covers and details various artworks and, in particular, slavery on the plantations. The video captures several paintings and drawings that were made to show the slavery. Art exhibitions that showed the African-American films and jazz works had significant impacts on the racism in various states and universities. Furthermore, the exhibitions brought into the limelight some of the painful ordeals and poor histories carried by this group of tyrannized people.

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