Advertisement – less truth & more false essay sample

The word advertising comes form the latin word “ advertere meaning” to turn the minds of towards”. “ advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services by an identified sponsor”. Advertising is used for communicating business information to the present and prospective customers. It usually provides information about the advertising firm, its product qualities, place of availability of its products, etc. Advertisement is indispensable for both the sellers and the buyers. However, it is more important for the sellers. In the modern age of large scale production, producers cannot think of pushing sale of their products without advertising them. Advertisement supplements personal selling to a great extent. Advertising has acquired great importance in the modern world where tough competition in the market and fast changes in technology, we find fashion and taste in the customers. Advertising is the best way to communicate to the customers. Advertising helps informs the customers about the brands available in the market and the variety of products useful to them. Advertising is for everybody including kids, young and old. It is done using various media types, with different techniques and methods most suited.

Advertising plays a very important role in today’s age of competition. Advertising is one thing which has become a necessity for everybody in today’s day to day life, be it the producer, the traders, or the customer. “ Advertising is to give public notice or to announce publicity”. 2. Information : Advertising informs the buyers about the benefits they would get when they purchase a particular product. However, the information given should be complete and true. 7. Consumer Choice : Advertising facilitates consumer choice. It enables consumers to purchase goods as per their budget requirement and choice. Right choice makes consumer happy and satisfied. 1. 4 OBJECTIVES OF ADVERTISING

The fundamental purpose of advertising is to sell something – a product, a service or an idea. In addition to this general objective, advertising is also used by the modern business enterprises for certain specific objectives which are listed below : 1. To introduce a new product by creating interest for it among the prospective customers. 2. To support personal selling programme. Advertising maybe used to open customers’ doors for salesman. 3. To reach people inaccessible to salesman.

4. To enter a new market or attract a new group of customers. 5. To light competition in the market and to increase the sales as seen in the fierce competition between Coke and Pepsi. 6. To enhance the goodwill of the enterprise by promising better quality products and services. 7. To improve dealer relations. Advertising supports the dealers in selling he product. Dealers are attracted towards a product which is advertised effectively. 8. To warn the public against imitation of an enterprise’s products.

Advertising has become an essential marketing activity in the modern era of large scale production and serve competition in the market. It performs the following functions: 1. Promotion of Sales : It promotes the sale of goods and services by informing and persuading the people to buy them. A good advertising campaign helps in winning new customers both in the national as wet as in the international markets. 2. Introduction of New Product : It helps the introduction of new products in the market. A business enterprise can introduce itself and its product to the public through advertising. A new enterprise can’t make an impact on the prospective customers without the help of advertising. Advertising enables quick publicity in the market. 3. Creation of Good Public Image : It builds up the reputation of the advertiser. Advertising enables a business firm to communicate its achievements in an effort to satisfy the customers’ needs. This increases the goodwill and reputation of the firm which is necessary to fight against competition in the market.

4. Mass Production : Advertising facilitates large-scale production. Advertising encourages production of goods in large-scale because the business firm knows that it will be able to sell on large-scale with the help of advertising. Mass production reduces the cost of production per unit by the economical use of various factors of production. 5. Research : Advertising stimulates research and development activities. Advertising has become a competitive marketing activity. Every firm tries to differentiate its product from the substitutes available in the market through advertising. This compels every 5 business firm to do more and more research to find new products and their new uses. If a firm does not engage in research and development activities, it will be out of the market in the near future. 6. Education of People : Advertising educate the people about new products and their uses.

Advertising message about the utility of a product enables the people to widen their knowledge. It is advertising which has helped people in adopting new ways of life and giving-up old habits. It has contributed a lot towards the betterment of the standard of living of the society. 7. Support to Press : Advertising provides an important source of revenue to the publishers and magazines. It enables to increase the circulation of their publication by selling them at lower rates. People are also benefited because they get publications at cheaper rates. Advertising is also a source of revenue for TV network. For instance, Doordarshan and ZeeTV insert ads before, in between and after various programmes and earn millions of rupees through ads. Such income could be used for increasing the quality of programmes and extending coverage. Wrong Impact of Advertise :

Advertising may have some good points, but also there are some negative aspects too. While some of them are obvious, most of advertising potentially harmful facets go undetected.

Here are some of the most important:

1. Hidden Costs

You should know that advertising costs lots of money and that money comes from you – the consumer. When you buy a product, you pay for the product itself, which means its packaging, costs of the development, the machinery, the facility where the product has been made in, etc. But what you probably don’t know is that by buying some product, you also pay for that its advertising as well. While it’s logical to pay objective costs, such as package or production, it’s not understandable why pay company to tell us about the product we already bought.

2. Lying to Customers

Advertisers know that they cannot outright make false claims, because any claim they make must be supported by some kind of statistic, according to the law. However, advertisers can and often do bend and curve the truth for their own benefit and in order to promote and advertise own product. Company can exaggerate certain features of their products or they can make vague and ambiguous claims that sound good. Of course any negative features of the product won’t be mentioned. Advertisements can be deceitful, especially for younger population who spends days in front of TV screen and watch aggressive and false advertising in between popular shows. It can be concluded that advertisers lost their compass long time ago. Advertisements are made in spirit of blind over consumerism. Without a soul. However, money from consumers pockets who are attracted to shiny goods, still keeps them breathing.

Next time you go shopping, or see an advertisement, ask yourself if you really need that product. Also, ask yourself what it all really costs. And is it worth.

As far as I know, advertising causes viewers to spend money and time on unimportant things. Through showy and attractive advertisements for latest products, sellers provoke viewers’ desires to own one of those items, cause them to pump their money. Many viewers are lax, and buy things just because they are the latest and newest. However, while they are hanging out and shopping for a myriad of luxurious things, many people around the world are very poor, in need of food, clothes and such simple things. In my opinion, those amounts of money had better be spent on promoting society.

As one can see. advertisers use cheap means to attract people, 4 ex, they hire beautiful women with special qualities, and they use famous songs and cartoon characters to atract children and teanagers.. they sometimes use famous players and singers to advertise their products, and whether that product was good or bad, people who like those celebrities will buy anything to imatate ^-^

although the positive or negative effect current advertising trends have on our society can be difficult to quantify, there are some effects that can be clearly seen as they arise over an extended period and affect the way our society functions. For example the short attention span behavior can be linked to the : 30 second advertisement, which in turn dictates how ads are to be developed in order to have the most impact in the mind of the target audience.

I would say the true negative impact of advertising lies in the fact that advertisers do extensive market research into finding the weak spot in their products’ target audience psyche to better sell their product, they seldom stop to think about the negative impact their advertising strategy will have on the ego of that victimized targeted individual. for example the way the beauty industry targets female. how it exploits their insecurities to sell their beauty products, the way news agencies format and present their news content, they report crime and political scandals, break down political issues to right and wrong debates, us vs them. thus exploiting our insecurities of a safer world. and we can only feel safer when we are informed, hence we watch the news.

ultimately, advertising intent is to make us buy their product and they achieve this by studying their target audience, getting to know us intimately, find our fears and desires and ultimately exploit them in order to achieve a profit margin. the problem with this is that by exploiting the fears and desires of an entire society, we continue to maintain a dysfunctional society full of insecurities, paranoia, cynicism, jadedness, narcissism. Advertisements make you believe things that are not true. For example: in one commercial for chocolate covered wafers, shows a kid eating them during a lesson and then being able to erase the teacher with a sponge. This is not true and makes kids think that school is the most boring thing in the world when it is actually interesting if you see it the right way.

Advertising is an important method of competition, especially in industries that are highly concentrated. Where companies are unable to compete on price, advertising is fundamental to promote the subtle differences between products. Advertising has gone beyond informing people of the benefits of a product and how to obtain it and has moved into the area of market creation, Hiding behind globalization and partial truths, advertising has become morally questionable by promoting gluttony, vanity, materialism, and other unhealthy ways of thinking in order to create artificial product needs in consumers.

Advertising is an excellent form of communication. Advertising delivers a wealth of information to consumers on varying topics including healthcare and education. The commercial “ Above the Influence,” is a good example of informative and helpful advertising. This particular commercial attempts to reduce teenage addiction to cigarettes. Other helpful advertisements inform consumers on healthcare topics such as heart disease and diabetes and sources of assistance for social issues such as community events, education opportunities, and political meetings, to name just a few.

On the negative side, advertising has expanded from word of mouth and print to include radio, television, and the Internet, among others. The quantity of advertising encountered by people has become so great that the human sensory system is being overloaded. We see thousands and thousands of ads every single day and we get so immune to it that sometimes we forget that they are ads. Advertising has become so powerful and so subtle that consumers accept most advertising content without critical thought. Unable to exercise careful analysis of every message, consumers find themselves in a mental overload caused by indoctrinating propaganda.