Advanced literacy in interior design essays examples


The job profile of an interior designer is perfect for anyone who is interested in the art of decoration and designing. A person who is an interior designer is highly creative in his outlook and has the resources and skills to innovate. I thought to write this paper to understand what skills are needed to become an interior designer and also what is the financial aspect of the interior designing process. According to me interior designers are individuals that are creative, practical, well organized, have skills in drawing and computer aided design (CAD), project management and are well qualified to take the job of redesigning a building. The process of interior designing is not only about the aesthetics, but involves many more value additions and skills.

The thesis statement for the current paper is: Interior designing is not just about visual aesthetics.

Interior Designing Process
It is natural for humans to have an attraction towards the style as there is so much leisure time and everyone wants to look the best and design homes and offices in such a fashion that are beyond imagination and delight. The process of interior designing is one such area that involves extensive use of creative skills that enhance the beauty of a place to its maximum and highlight the positive aspects of the area in the best possible manner. However, the process of interior designing has much more to do than simple visual beautification as it involves analytical skills and financial modelling in the entire process.
A good interior design adds a new dimension to a space and increases the efficiency of people using the space in multiple forms . A place that undergoes designing is more easily understood after the designing process and is more effectively used by the inhabitants than it was used prior to the designing process. Take an example of an office that is re-designed. The office space after designing becomes better utilized and all aspects of the space such as furniture, work area, décor, lighting and partitions are well crafted in the process. The new design has a positive impact on the employees as they are much more likely to enjoy the new office space with creative colors and designs and work area and are likely to be more involved at work.
Architects use planes- walls, floors or ceilings to define the volumes or spaces that together form the building and are trained to design the structures from the scratch . Interior architects on the other hand, are trained to take existing structures and redesign them to suit the requirements of clients . The interior designers are usually involved in modifying the look of a space through colors, decoration and do not involve any physical alteration .
The process of design is defined as a set of a largely linear activity that begins with the client requirements and the client budget and ends with the finished product that meets the client requirements .
Figure 1 Design Process
The interior designing process involves a briefing to the client about the project requirements and also an analysis of the financial costs involved in the project. The initial briefing is followed by the detailed analysis of the feasibility of the project, including the analysis of the requirements, the cost of materials required for the designing and the budget available. A financial feasibility analysis can be done to understand the costs that will be incurred in the interior designing process such as the labor costs, material costs and the operational costs. Financial budgeting is one of the most important aspects of the interior designing process. According to Dave Ramsay, financial budgeting is an important process to understand and manage one’s finances . The client approval is essential to match the client requirements with the process planning for the interior design. The financial modelling is an integral component of the interior designing process. Right from the project initiation to the process planning and sourcing, each aspect needs to be planned financially so that everything remains in the budget.
As per my understanding of the interior designing process of the materials referred by me and my personal analysis, it is clear that the process of interior designing is a complex process that is directly related to the project management techniques and costs. Various aspects of interior designing needs to be considered if I plan to get my office or home redesigned. It involves a close look at the finances along with creativity and needs.


The process of interior designing is a complex process that involves many more aspects than simple visual aesthetics and beautification. Therefore the present analysis justifies the thesis statement for the essay: Interior designing is not just about visual aesthetics. The interior designing process is much more complicated than it seems and involves a close interplay of financial planning, costing, communication skills between the client and the interior designers and also creativity.

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