Advance practice role

Advance practice role due: The nurse manager, administrator and executive play different roles in that the nurse manager is a registered nurse whose role is to ensure delivery of high-quality patient care. As it is noted by Black & Chitty (2014), the nurse manager is in charge of selecting care delivery model needed in the unit, the acuity of the patients, the type and number of nursing staff required (p. 300). The nurse manager is a is an individual in practice who is registered and supervises or directs the activities of two or more nursing units. As written by Finkler, Kovner, & Jones, (2007), the nurse manager is also involved in financial issues such as budgeting, managing costs, revenue centers and productivity (p. 49); while according to Roussel, (2013), a nurse administrator is a qualified nurse who is registered and participates in management of health care delivery services and is a representative of nursing service. A nurse administrator works in different settings with entrepreneurial chances accessible in health care all over the health care area. Nurse administrator serves in the following settings: hospitals, home health care, skilled care, community health services, residential care and adult day care (p. 29).
On the other hand, a nurse executive is a registered nurse whose aim is to give leadership within the workplace (American Organization of Nurse Executive, 2005). Their role is in the ability and capacity to lead organizations based on leadership ability (American Nurses Credentialing Center, 2014). The nurse executive has the chance of molding the future of professional practice in a working place by providing opportunities where staff nurses and managers to have best input into organizational decision making in regards to the future. According to Yoder-wise (2014), the nurse executive facilitates making of an objective and goals of the future (p. 49).
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