Admission essay on educational, personal, or professional goals

It is said that the period that you spend in college is actually the best part of your life and it’s a dream come true if one gets admission in a college that he or she would have aspired. I had always been interested to study in a college that will develop my overall personality and enhance my strengths and to polish me so as to stand ahead in every sphere of life. Stockton College is the one which can give me all that I had ever aspired for and on one side where I will master the subjects and academics I am sure on the other had I will be able to get immense exposure to strategically establish myself in any industry that I will work for.

It’s an important fact that besides the hard work and dedication, that the faculty of a college put in order to teach their students, the college also puts equal impact by giving enough opportunities to practically experience what we study and this concept is well defined at the Stockton college, as the college ensures that the students have enough opportunities to learn, the workshops, the assignments, the great library will empower me to do extensive research in my area of study.

My aspiration is basically to make a career in the advertising industry and to establish my self well in the area of product marketing and sales planning, this needs not only a very well defined approach but also involves the creative and artistic element; Stockton college takes great interest in the development of arts, Arts and Sciences Building, The Stockton Art Gallery, Stockton Pac, Noyes (museum of Art) are great examples to prove that there will be a good chance to develop the artistic approach in me.

Apart from the academic excellence that I am sure to enjoy, I am very excited to learn about the lush green campus and the sports and leisure activities at the Stockton College hence making the stay memorable throughout my life. I have recently learned about the Intramurals program and have plans to be a part of the football team as a goalkeeper. It is very interesting that the college pays equal attention to recreational activities. There are extra curricular activities in abundance and 17 intercollegiate events which will give great visibility and platform to display my talent.
Finally, I believe that most importantly with the kind of faculty, campus and opportunities, Stockton College will help me develop myself as a great person, and hence will allow me to excel in my career and personal life by attaining the best of education.