Additional products offering that foreign bank could offer once cnaps has been implemented

CNAPS incorporates high value payment system (HVPS) and bulk electronic payment system (BEPS). HVPS is a real-time, gross settlement system covering all cities in China. Payments initiated through HVPS between banks with an existing direct membership can take only a few seconds or minutes,
no matter where they are located geographically.
BEPS, on the otherhand, is a low-value clearing system which is similar to automated clearing house or general interbank recurring order which has been implemented throughout China. It utilizes the CNAPS architecture while catering to ordinary credit and debit transactions as well as bulk payments and collection processing, like monthly salary payments or utility charge collections. As with HVPS, BEPS caters to both in-city and cross-city transactions. Sending and receiving banks with direct membership in and connectivity to CNAPS will be able to process and receive inward collections in a real time and straight-through process.
After the implementation of CNAPS, a foreign bank will be able to offer additional services that would be faster, and even offer real-time transactions. The bank may offer services in investments, though it may be hindered by limitations set by local regulations. Such services may include local currency contract saving, local currency or foreign currency call deposits, local or foreign currency time deposits, and treasury products like structure deposits.
The bank may also offer in-city and cross-city local currency payments through CNAPS and alliance banks. In addition to that, in terms of receivables, the bank may offer shorter receivables collection cycles and provide information for reconciliation. This solution will allow customers to outsource their accounts receivable reconciliation and management to the bank.
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