About the things they carried

In the short story The things they carried, the soldiers each had their own unique items that they carried doing the dangerous war. The items that the soldiers carried had a special meaning behind them whether it came from their family background, personality, or their very own personal item. Kiowa is a Native America soldier that came from a religious family. Kiowa has some Christian beliefs so he carries his illustrated New Testament Bible he also carries his grandmother distrust of the white man and his grandfather old hunting hatched.

Kiowa is committed to his Christian beliefs so he takes his illustrated New Testament with him along the way to the war. Kiowa grew up in a family where his father taught Sunday school. His family believe in the value of Christian morals. Kiowa received the illustrated New Testament when he was very young because only children get those types of Bible and the adults get the Holy Bible. On this Operation the soldiers carried specific items, but while Kiowa is different he carries his Bible to give him a confident boost and also guidance while he is on this treacherous journey because in the story it says Kiowa always took along his New Testament and a pair of moccasins for silence (O’Brien 9).

He took his illustrated New Testament along with him because if he ever has tough times doing the war and he do not have anyone to talk to he can reflect back to his Bible to give him comfort. The Bible help Kiowa deal with difficult situation he encounters doing the war in the story It says As a hedge against bad times (O’Brien 3). After Kiowa witness the death of his partner getting gun down in front of him Kiowa was speechless he said You had to be there how fast it was, how the poor guy just dropped like so much concrete. Boom-down, he said. Like cement (O’Brien 7). Kiowa never seen such a thing to occur so it was kind of appalling to him because he never seen someone get slaughtered so rapid before. Ted Lavender’s death leaves Kiowa dazed and he believes that It seemed unchristian like to not have any sentiments and it’s strange he does not have any grief like Lieutenant Jimmy Cross he wanted to feel what Lieutenant Jimmy Cross felt at that time (O’Brien 18). After seeing that tragic event Kiowa turn to his Bible to give him security and enlightenment.

Kiowa also carries his grandmother’s distrust of the white man (O’Brien 3). It means that they do not trust white people because of how the white people treat them like they are not human. The finally precious component that Kiowa carries is his grandfather’s feathered hatchet (O’Brien 7). You can tell that Kiowa was very close to his grandfather because his grandfather gave him his old hunting hatchet. The hatchet is old so you that it could have been made passed to his father first and when Kiowa got older it was passed to him as a superior significance in their family. Kiowa grandfather possibly use to be a noble hunter and he use to teach his grandson Kiowa how to hunt as well he probably told Kiowa one day he is going to inherited the hunting hatchet. Since Kiowa is in the war he carry the old hunting hatcher for protection from the enemies.

In conclusion, Kiowa carried a lot of sentimental items that showed true meaning and usage. Over the long perilous mission, he faced some tough situation and even had an eye-opener. Kiowa experience death of his partner even though he was lost of words he wanted to know how to express his emotion the Christian way like Lieutenant Jimmy Cross. This was his first time ever seeing a tragic that happen so quick, but he also had his illustrated New Testament to protect him through the rest of the war.