Abortion in india

Abortionin India is more common than those would think, quite often a daily occurrence. In India, abortions are completely common because women are quite often having abortions after finding out the sex of the child. Not only is aborting a certain sex frowned upon, but the abortions given in India are often extremely poorly done because of the lack of trained professionals. Abortion in India should be more safe and sterile, while also done by properly trained professionals whom specialize in this area.

Unfortunately in India the situation involving trained doctors and nurses for safe abortions is highly lacking making it much harder to provide for those in need of an abortion. Due to that other physicians and nurses get trained to provide medical abortions. “ Abortion has been legalized in India for the past three decades” which made it possible to have medical and or surgical abortions available (Sarala Gopalan). Along with that came the complications of aborting certain sexes causing the passing of a law “ India passed a law in 1994 making it illegal to abort a fetus based on its sex” (Kirkey).

That law was passed because many Indian people were having children, trying to have a boy and when not successful would get an abortion. Quite often most of these abortions happened to be an unhealthy or unsafe abortion “ Unsafe abortions constitute a major threat to thehealthand lives of women” (Sarala Gopalan). The result of an unsafe abortion can end up with terrible outcomes such as incomplete abortion, sepsis, haemorrhage, and damage to internal organs. The most major result of an unsafe abortion can result in the person receiving the abortion to die.