A woman scorn

A Woman Scorn In Isabel Allende’s story of “ An Act of Vengeance” Allende weaves a twisted story of hate, love and retribution. Dulce Rosa was the beautiful daughter of the Senator Anselmo Orellano. Fighting took place in their town of Santa Teresa, where a man named Tadeo Cespeded murdered Anselmo and raped Dulce. From that point on, Dulce planted in her mind to one day grow up and kill the man who murdered her father. Thirty years later, Dulce and Tadeo meet for the first time since the murder and rape. They both fall in love with each other, and plan to get married. Two days before their marriage, Dulce kills herself because of the shame she feels for falling in love with her father’s killer and in doing that, dishes out a different kind of revenge. An independent woman is strong, but a woman scorned is deadly; even in a man’s world. In the days of Dulce Rosa, boys were the pride of their fathers. Boys would soon grow up to be strong men that could fight and defend the families honor. They would live on to hold their fathers mantle and name. Women were seen as weak and defenseless. Dolce was anything but. Most women, after living through what Dolce did, would curl up into a cocoon of their own making, and let life slip by without the single most acknowledgment. They would let a man take care of them and kiss away the pain of their past. Dulce did no such thing. With men all around her, and voices telling her that she should do this or do that, she set in her own mind her life’s path. She grew up independent and in control and more importantly, with a set goal in mind. Dulce was as strong minded as any man. Men rule the world. They get the best jobs and the highest pay. Men dominate. Women are weak and most stay away from the work force. When they do go to work, it is for far less pay than their male counterpart. Back in Dulces’ day, it was unheard of for a woman to be independent and strong. But that is what the story is all about; a strong woman in a man’s world; strong minded and independent, and out for revenge. When a woman gets something in her head, it never ceases to nag away at her mind until the thought is acted out. Dulce had that “ something” in her head. Even when everyone she knew was gone, this thought of vengeance never left her head. Day after day it would roll around in her mind until the very end. There is always more than one way to skin a cat. If plan A doesn’t pan out, move on to plan B. When a woman gets “ something” in her head, world, watch out! Vengeance is a terrible thing. A vengeful woman in a man’s world is odd at best. When the “ something” is over, it’s newsworthy at worse. A scorned woman is the best kind of woman. Like a dog with a bone, she is driven to the very end; strong minded and independent. She gets what she wants, one way or the other. When one is born, their whole life is planned for them, it’s just that one has no idea what that plan is. Life’s course is set out before the unseen. If vengeance is in the cards for you, there is no getting around it; one way or the other, that plan will be fulfilled in the very end. If it’s love, so be it; but beware, death is always in the cards. It is not everyday that the news shows a female murderer. Even in today’s society where much has changed from the past, there is not much on women killers. That is one thing that has not changed much since the beginning of time. Men were always the mighty, tough, reckless ones. Women were the meek, gentle and forgiving ones. It is a great news story when a woman murders another. Mainly it is over jealousy or the only way she can see to get out of an abusive relationship. There are only a handful of women serial killers. It’s just not in a woman to seek out revenge. That is what makes this story so interesting. For one thing, a young woman was done wrong, grows up without any support, and dies hurting the man she had vowed to hurt. Today this wouldn’t end up on FOX News, because of the suicide and the inside story this woman held close to her chest. If she would have murdered him on the other hand, it might. Women are very smart and clever and can hold things in for a very long time. They come up with different ideas and solutions to solve multiple problems. Things like that are not newsworthy. Men don’t think outside the box. The first thing that enters their brain is what they react to or do. They lack patience and in most cases, lack a better way to do something. Spontaneous decisions are what they act on. A man would never be able to hold on to something in their heart for years and years and act on it, let alone find a different way to act on it. Vengeance to a man is to run out and take care of the problem right away, with no thought of the consequences. Definitely it is not to ponder what happens if it the initial thought does not work out or the plan wont work. Patience, independence, and a well thought out plan is the work of a woman. In that sense, it is actually a woman’s world. It does not matter if that plan is of murder, love, or work. A well thought out plan is best thought out by a woman, and a woman scorned most of all. If plan A does not work, and plan B does not work, then for sure plan C will. A woman will find a way to make her plans work.