A vivid description of a scene of an interesting film

This story is about the life of a cop, David Nash in his endeavors of fighting lawlessness in Dullsville. The story shows the state of affairs in Dullsville as worse with the ozone layer and fuel fossils disappearing and lawlessness becoming the order of the day. The boring long story climaxes in the final minutes with Robosaurus, a robot waging a devastating war of revenge. Davey Nash, Nash’s son is brutally blown by a grenade by colonel’s thugs who are out to kill Nash survived by a whisker; he was not in the car with his son, the story unfolds from this episode.

Nash undergoes a traumatic life full of nightmares, a time traveler J. J. J and a robot (robosaurus) that belonged to his son keeps disturbing him in his nightmares. These nightmares become a reality when Nash meets with J. J. J and tells him about a mysterious power that finally helps him find his son’s killers and through steel justice he revenges tenfold. The scaring drama begins on the final minutes of this film, Nash together with J. J. J walks to a building to find colonel’s armed to the teeth guiding a consignment of smuggled arms.

JJJ indroduces Nash to the mysterious power by telling him to think of a thing his son liked most. This turns out to be robosaurus, the robot, through the mysterious powers robosaurus emerges but this time a 40 ft, fire snorting dinosaur, this happens coincidentally as one of colonels thugs is holding JJJ hostage with a gun. Robosaurus goes on rampage smashing cars, crushing steel gates, as the drama ends there is great confusion with people screaming, Nash, JJJ and robosaurus disappears in the darkness after a successful achievement of “ steel justice”.