A little about myself essay example

I am an international student which is why I face many difficulties while studying. There is the cultural and social difference and the language barrier that restricts me from learning to my full potential. The system is completely different, and the curriculum is very detailed here.
I have a diploma in business administration. Having a diploma in BA, I have a lot of experience in accounts, managing operations and personnel, and organization. I am a great administrator and understand the business concepts of daily practices very well.
Currently my major is Civil Engineering. Coupling my background of business administration with Civil Engineering, I think I will have a very solid degree. I love construction and engineering. My DBA will help me build a contractor firm of my own one day. So when you need a contractor, you know whom to contact.
A major problem I face is the problem in writing. I do not knowing how to start writing. I did not receive the initial guidance of how to organize your thoughts. I want to write, but I never know how to start. I look forward to you teaching me the basics of writing and how to generate an essay from your thoughts.
I am not the talkative type. My personality is shy and quiet. I often times keeps things to myself and do not express myself. This has been my personality throughout my life. This is wy in class as well, I am reluctant to answer questions. And even when I do, I tend to keep them short. However, I would love to overcome this fear of speaking up with your help.