5 things all students worry about

Let’s face it – being a student can be stressful at times. We know that you might be having the time of your life meeting new people and learning new things, but there are some fundamental concerns that most students face at some time during their university careers. Here are our top 5 concerns that students can face, and what you can do to alleviate them.

1. ‘ I can’t afford being a student’

All student’s worry aboutmoney. The fact is, when you are studying pretty much 24-7 without a regular income, then finances can get a bit tight; after all your student loan will only go so far! Picking up some part-time work can be a great way to alleviate thisstress, so why not check if any bars, shops or even your Student Union have any vacancies. You can also make ? 50 easily by referring a friend to our site – Click here for more information.

2. ‘ I’m falling behind on my course’

Sometimes your course can seem quite daunting, but that’s to be expected – you are being introduced to a lot of new ideas and a higher level of study. For many this can feel overwhelming and a lot of students stop attending lectures as a result. If you feel that you are struggling to keep up with your course, why not speak to your lecturer who will have helped others in a similar situation as you lots of times before.

3. ‘ I haven’t revised enough!’

This worry usually comes about when students see how much revision their friends are doing; but the fact of the matter is that everyone revises differently and just because your roommate has temporarily moved into the library doesn’t mean you should start to panic. The best way to reassure yourself that you are doing enough revision is to draw up a revision plan, clearly write out the key topic areas that you need to go over and make a plan to tackle each subject area bit-by-bit. Check out our guide to Essential Revision Tips.

4. ‘ I feel so far away from my home andfamily’

Whether you are an international student, or have moved to another city – It’s very common for students to feel homesick and a little bit isolated when in an unfamiliarenvironment. The best remedy for this is to go out and embrace what the new location has to offer– explore the area and local clubs, get involved with the student union actives or sports club. Before you know it, not only will you have new friends, but also a familiarity with the city so that it will feel just like a second home. Check out our guide for International Students.

5. ‘ I want the best marks – but I don’t even know what a top class essay looks like!’

This is a tricky one – many lecturers will hand out example essays for you to look at but rarely identify what it is that defines a top-quality essay, or the key things the examiners are looking out for. Even if they do, the essay might not be entirely relevant to your argument. This is a worry that our site can alleviate – we can provide you with top-quality essay guides and resources that are 100% tailored to fit your needs, and that you won’t find anywhere else. Fact. Click here to find out more.