2-5 paragraphs on the history of the broadcasting of the u.s. open and then 2 other seperate ones on the history of the broadcasting of the masters golf tournament

U. S Open and U. S Masters The U. S Open can be said to have the longest TV history as compared to any other golf majors. The U. S Open often stands unique as the only major that still conducts the 18-hole playoff (Gomery, 24). Over the years, the TV coverage of the U. S open has continued to dwarf that of the masters. In the year 1954, the U. S Open was televised nationally for the first time; the tournament at the time was a three day event and concluded with 36 holes (Gomery 7).
It was televised for two hours on the last day of the tournament. ESPN and NBC have over the years been able to broadcast the tournament live in HD in fact, in the year 203, both NBC as well as ESPN planned an unprecedented total of over 35 hours of combined live coverage of the U. S open.
The Masters Golf tournament can be said to be a long time spring stable when it comes to the sports TV calendar. The Augusta National Golf club has over the years partnered with CBS and they can be said to have a unique relationship (Gomery, 18). This is because CBS often pays lower than market value for the broadcasting rights. The first time the Masters were televised was in the year 1956 (Gomery 5).
CBS has been able to provide the coverage for the masters since it was first gotten in the year 1956. ESPN has, however; also taken the rights doe broadcasting the masters and it has expanded its coverage to around 5 hours each day. The scheduled live team has increased from 2. 5 hours to around 18 hours.
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